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Zortt provides you with a safe, online virtual community experience filled with tools to help you take advantage of being who you are, without limitation.

  • Zortt is a net neutral, unbiased social media platform.
  • Censorship controls are 100% in your own hands.
  • Sort & Zoom to quickly navigate through chatter.

Transparency at its finest.

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Zortt is a social media network that provides an online virtual experience for its pioneers. Our pioneers are the first 1MM registered users that help us shape the future of what tomorrow looks like using Zortt. Zortt is unbiased, net neutral and allows our users to put the ultimate level of censorship in their own hands. Zortt will never determine what you can or can not see.

Absolutely not.

Zortt offers charter memberships for those who would like to take advantage and promoter shares that allow you to take advantage of our bonus pool. Our Charter packages are given a FREE premium contact card for life, and up to $1000 of free advertising each month.

Our Promoter packages allow users to buy into the Zortt ecosystem with "shares". "Shares" cost $1,000 and allow you to earn 10% of our entire gross sales. You earn money by promoting and generating more pioneers to get to Zortt.

Registration is simple. Simply navigate to the registration page Located Here, and input your information.

If you want it to be, yes. Zortt will never share any of your private information with advertisers in any way. Our advertising platform on Zortt allows you to tell us what you like, and that's what we use to show you advertisements. We do not outsource our advertising to third parties. So, anything you do tell us stays with us!

You also have the ability to decide what other people see, including your friends and family. Zortt has groups that you can arrange friends in, and display content based on those groups. You can also set permissions based on those groups!

Watch your money grow

Zortt offers a bonus pool available to our promoters. You can join for as little as $1,000 and watch your money grow in real time as Zortt grows and expands. Our platform is owned by the very people that use it!

*No purchase is needed to use Zortt and all of its features.

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