Welcome to Zortt's Virtual Community

Our consultant position is provided to all users on our network! We encourage and reward those who help us get the word out; however, Zortt University is for those individuals who seriously are looking for a permanent position to share our B2B Network with Businesses to earn residual commissions on a book of business.

Take a few moments to watch the Consultants Intro Video and read over the information below to finalize your decision to invest in yourself and join our corporate Zcommerce Consultant Team today!

- Grant Impresario

Virtual CRM

Gain access to over 14 million business to search and claim as you build a book of business.

Virtual Appointments

Set appointments to populate a virtual map as you experience the growth and maintain the retention of your book of business.

Residual Income

Earn 20% residual commissions on all book of business sales using your virtual presentation contact Zcard.

North America B2B Ecommerce

As a consultant you will assist to support and promote businesses in our Virtual B2B Zcommerce Network. Together we can make a difference in the success of the American Enterprise.

Virtual B2B Rally

Register to host a Virtual B2B Rally and locate a Rally near you to invite local businesses to join. Watch Video LINK

  • Zortt's invite conversion rate is 3.7%, we're growing rapidly!
  • Get in on the ground floor and be the next Zuckerburg.

Zortt Consultant Package

Join Zortt University Consultant Course to enjoy these aesome benefits as we grow.

Consultant VIP Package
$ 350 /One Time

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  • Consultant Courses in Zortt University
  • CRM Access with 14 million + Businesses
  • Personal Virtual Presentation ZcardPRO
  • 2 Polo Shirts
  • 1,000 Tri-fold Brochures
  • Customized Messenger Bag
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